Training & Development


The BNMA has been the manufacturer’s association for the Buffalo Niagara since 2010. We are a privately funded not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to promote the success of our member firms and their employees, and through them contribute to the success of the Buffalo Niagara Region. To fulfill this mission, the BNMA provides:

Training Programs

The BNMA provides management training essential for our industry to survive and grow. We are continually improving the content and direction of our training by keeping close contact with the needs of our members.

Professional Training

The BNMA has partnered with UB TCIE to provide discounted Professional Education Offerings.

You will acquire skill sets that will boost your job performance and enable you to better support your company’s strategy.

Expand your potential
Engaging. Eye opening. Practical. Thought provoking.

The above adjectives are a few ways students describe our professional education programs. From short workshops to in-depth certification courses, we distill the business methodologies and practices that are valued by industry worldwide and serve as the backbone for continuous improvement.

An average 1,000 professionals annually acquire technical and soft skills through these traditional classes. They learn from facilitators with broad industry experience who integrate theory, hands-on activities and real examples to bring content to life. For a full listing click here.

Workforce Development

Attracting and retaining skilled and motivated people to work for our member manufacturers is a priority for the BNMA. The lack of a skilled and ready workforce is the greatest impediment to growth for our members. For others, the looming retirement of many of their most valuable people is of strategic concern.

To address both the near and longer-term workforce needs of our members’ the BNMA has initiated a Regional Manufacturing Sector Workforce Development Strategy. This strategy provides real time information on the workforce needs of the Buffalo Niagara manufacturing sector to educators, elected officials, economic development professionals and others so they can better allocate resources, encourage development of the appropriate skills and training, and build awareness about the many interesting and rewarding careers in manufacturing.

Initiatives under this strategy include:

Northland Workforce Training Center

New York State Manufacturing Alliance Apprenticeship Program

The New York State Manufacturers Alliance – of which the BNMA is a founding member – has obtained funding from New York State to create The New York State Manufacturers Alliance Apprenticeship Program (NYSMAAP). Administered in the Buffalo Niagara Region by the BNMA. NYSMAAP is an employer-led public-private pilot program for registered apprentices in manufacturing occupations.

This apprenticeship has two basic elements. The first, On-the-Job Training (OJT), consists of a journey-level, craft person capable and willing to share their experience with an apprentice, in a hands-on manner. The second, Related Instruction (RI), consists of learning more theoretical or knowledge-based aspects of a craft.

This registered apprentice program will typically be three to four years in duration.

Registered Trades Include: